The restaurant

The restaurant

The restaurant

Il Granaio di Castel di Pugna

Looking for a good restaurant in Siena? 

Are you looking for typical restaurants in Siena?  Here we are. In Siena, there’s “Il Granaio di Castel di Pugna” restaurant, which is an enogastronomical excellence and it’s just five minutes from the historical centre.
It’s managed by Chef Valentina, daughter of the Count, expert in Tuscan and Senese cuisine mostly. The reastaurant excellence in food and wine, offer a traditional Sienese and Tuscan Cusine. The dishes are served in an elegant room, caverd out of the historic cellar with a large window overlooking the natural terrace from which you can enjoy the splendid view of Siena. in the summer period the candlelight dinner enjoy the striking sunset.

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Cucina Le bistecche


of CastelPugna

La Braceria (open from November to March) is a rustic restaurant located on the top floor of the restaurant. In the cozy stone and brick fireplace is cooked the best selection of meat including the Fiorentina steak. Cinta Senese cold cuts, fresh and aged pecorini are also served in combination with Castel di Pugna great wines.


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In Siena, at “Il Granaio di Castel di Pugna” restaurant, inside an exceptional location, you’ll find the pleasure of eating typical tuscan courses.
A place for sharing traditional and simple homemade tuscan recipes, using healthy, genuine, seasonal and strictly typical ingredients. Homemade pasta as: tagliatelle, ravioli and potato gnocchi. Finally Cinta Senese and Chianina meats, which come only from local farmers.

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